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This is the total number of hours completed by our Students in the Community in 2020. It has been an odd year - one that we will not forget. For our year 13 students to still complete over three thousand hours is an incredible achievement! We have had students in so...

From Scratch

This is a very cool opportunity brought to you by the organisers of the Festival of Colour. The festival of Colour is running a live show at Lake Wanaka Centre in a week (Thursday September 10) – From Scratch, who are a bit of an iconic New Zealand...

Helping Hands

It's just awesome when we receive feedback on what a great job our SIC crew are doing out in the community! Thank you Siena, Kiera and Laura for helping to sort out donations for the Wanaka food bank. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant difficult times for many in our...

Good at fixing things?

Wanaka Wastebusters are running a series of Repair Cafe-style events as part of our Repair Revolution and they’re looking for fixers and volunteers of all kinds! If you, or anyone you know, enjoys repairing things and sharing your know-how, you are invited to join as...

who do you follow?

Tamatha Paul was a student herself five years ago - here on her Facebook post she's got some wise words about making a difference: Link to her Facebook page here

it’s a wrap

Great to see more students turning up to make more beeswax wraps with Plastic Free Wanaka in Hawea last night. Thank you all for your time!

plastic free July – what can YOU do?

If you want more information about Plastic Free July, go here - https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/  If you want to come up with your own project or initiative, let's talk!

it all adds up

Here's Joel Suddaby teaching algebra to a group of Year 9s. Student tutoring has been a massive part of SIC this year, thanks to the needs and opportunities in response to the COVID19 pandemic, and it's been so impressive how students have responded to this.

working with Wanaka Primary

Cece and Jaydon went over to Wanaka Primary School this week, to work out their plans for volunteering next term. Cece is going to be working with some young dancers and Jaydon with a group who are building a bird feeder. This is part of the plan to help these Year 6...

community clean up

Acasia, Izzie, Julie, Ana and Ella took volunteering into their own hands when they headed out for a rubbish pick-up session this week - sometimes it's these small and significant efforts that make our community a better place.


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