painting the Community House wall

Tyler Greeks and McKenzie Hart joined a stellar intergenerational crew this weekend to bring some paint and life to the walls surrounding the Community House site. You can see them here painting the thermometer that will show the funds for the project as they raise...

Challenge SIC!

Bright and early on 16th February, tens/tonnes of Year 13 students were out amongst the community volunteers supporting Challenge Wanaka. The main stations were at Hawea Flat for the bike leg (banana, BANANA!) and along Anderson Road for the runners (good tunes and...

Festival of Colour launch!

Students Jessica Paddon and Christina Lamb were first time helpers with the experienced team of volunteers at the launch for the 2019 Festival of Colour. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make a launch run smoothly and the organisers were really happy with...

Help out at the Sharing Shed at the A&P Show

The Sharing Shed is a shed where stuff gets shared, as the name suggests. You bring good quality stuff that you don't need, and you take what you want/need away. There's no need to donate in order to take. Usually located opposite the windmill and along a bit in Hawea...

Want to help at the Cavalcade? They're looking for students to help with the merriment on the last day - March 2nd - with face painting and with the hobby horse derby. Face painters between 9am and 4pm (or some part of that time) and hobby horse derby officials between 12...

From big kids to small

Children’s Day 2019 is Sunday 3 March Te rā o ngā Tamariki provides all New Zealanders with an opportunity to celebrate and give time to children. It’s a day of national awareness, annually recognised on the first Sunday of March. The day is also an...

Pippin / brownie / guide leaders wanted!

Want to be a leader? Meeting times are... Pippins  aged 5-6, Wednesday 4-5 at the Scout den at Eely PointBrownies aged 7-9, Wednesday 5-6:30 at the Scout den at Eely Point.Guides aged 9-12, Wednesday 6:30-8 at Kahu Youth building, 11 Russell St Let Liz know if you're...


In 2018 Bella Fraser was the recipient of the Trustpower Youth Spirit award. In 2017, Students in the Community were winners in the Youth and Education category of the Trustpower Community Awards - Ashleigh Cram was also runner-up in the Youth Spirit...

Go back to preschool

You know you want to play! Some of our Students in the Community go back to visit the preschools they once played at, some of them are there because it's way out of their comfort zone. Whatever the reason to go visit, it helps with intergenerational understanding when...

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